Another Knee Surgery On The Horizon

Last February while I was helping Veronica at the Polar Plunge event in Virginia Beach, I injured my knee.
Last week I finally decided to have an MRI done on my left knee.
Yesterday I got the results of that MRI. Once again I have torn my medial meniscus on my left knee. Once again this will take surgery to repair it.
Last year it was my right knee and this year it is my left.
I have decided to hold off on the surgery until after we return from our October cruise, where we will be ports in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and the Greeks Isles.
I will be pushing my walks a bit more to make sure that my knee will hold up until my surgery. If my knee feels like it won't be able to take the amount of walking and type of terrain that we will be walking on, I will need to revisit my decision of a later surgery date and would most likely do it right away.
We will just have to wait and see how my knee handles the workout.
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