Update On Americas Best Value Inn Fiasco

Back in early September, Veronica and I were just starting our vacation..our much anticipated Baltic Capitals Cruise.
Veronica and I had booked a room at Americas Best Value Inn, Norfolk Airport Area in VA.
Upon checking into the hotel and entering our room, we found the room to be really dilapidated, filthy and there were bugs and flies throughout the room. The toilet had bugs crawling on the seat.
Veronica and I promptly left the property but not before Veronica went into the lobby and told the desk manager just how bad the room and overall property was.
The desk clerk offered her another room but we were not interested at all. The property was really in poor shape and the photos that were depicting the property were not even close to being an accurate representation of what it was like.
Because we had booked through Priceline or Booking Buddy or one of those type of web sites, we knew up front that we would not be able to get a refund from neither the hotel nor the booking agency.
We ended up walking away and spending the night just up the street at one of our favorite hotels...Country Inn and Suites.
A blog entry was made about this bad situation back in September. Here is a link to that blog entry...  AMERICAS BEST VALUE INN - NORFOLK AIRPORT AREA 5725 Northampton Blvd Norfolk, VA

Yesterday I received an email from the Manager of the hotel. Here is a portion of the email...I left his name out because it just wasn't needed for this blog entry.

Dear Sir

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that was caused when you checked in at ABVI Virginia Beach. As the manager of the property I was unaware of the situation, that may be because my front desk employee did follow policy and offer to switch your room. At this point I would like to offer a 50% discount of the rack rate towards your next stay and hope that you will give ABVI another chance. Once again, very sorry.

Now after reading this email, I wrote the Manager back and told him just how bad the room was and what an embarrassment the hotels condition was in. I also advised him that I had contacted the corporation that gave him licensing rights to use the company name and logo. I had advised them what had happened and what the dismal condition the room and property was in.
In closing of my email to this Manager, I told him that he could have offered me a week free stay at his hotel and that I would have turned him down. There is no way that I would ever return to this hotel and strongly advise those that are looking for a decent hotel, stay elsewhere.
This place is a dump.
5725 Northampton Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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