Finally Starting To Warm Up Around Here

It seemed like Winter would never end around here. Just this past Sunday, a mere 6 days ago it was snowing outside and today it got up to 74 degrees.
I finished planting my potatoes yesterday and today I finished planting my carrots.
My tomato and sweet pepper plants should start arriving here around 4/10.
I planted some hyacinths in planter boxes on the back deck railing and planted some herbs in planter boxes on the shed.
I will plant my 5 varieties of corn when my tomato and pepper plants arrive here.
On the medical front I had my Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) done to the nerves on 3 vertebrae o n my right side and I will be getting my left side done on April 5th.
I also have an appointment with a Orthopedic Specialist/Surgeon to check out my trigger finger issues and a problem with my right shoulder that has progressively got worse. I have had to totally quit my weightlifting to to this shoulder issue.I will be glad when I find out what the problem is and even happier when I get the problem fixed.
Lately it seems that every time I get one issue hernias...I develop several more problems that need to be addressed before I can get back into my normal workout routines.
The good news is that we are going away for 5 days to Orlando, FLA. Maybe some long overdue sunshine will work wonders on this old aching body.  
Below are some garden photos:

Potato planter bags. The white plastic container has carrots planted in it.

 Hyacinths on the deck rail

 Assorted herbs on the shed including something different...Chocolate Mint plant

 Small carrot patch
 On the right and left side of this garden area are potato troughs and in the center area will house my 3 largest types of tomatoes

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