Tuesday September 29th

Today we had to get up early in order to drive my Dad to his dialysis appointment, which was about 30 miles away in the neighboring town of Newport. It took us about an hour to go from our cabin to the dialysis center. They had a center closer to where we were staying but the days that they had available conflicted with the days that Dollywood were open and were different from his normally scheduled days. My Dads dialysis last approximately 4-4 1/2 hours. So rather than give up our chances to get into Dollywood and to keep my Dad on his normal schedule, we decided to go to the dialysis center that was in Newport. Although the hours available for my Dads dialysis were early in the morning and an hour drive away, it allowed us all to go to Dollywood, which we did on Wed and Friday.
On the way to Newport, I noticed that it must be homecoming week at the local high school based on the posters that were attached to the surrounding fence. I wonder if Ms. Presley won as the Queen. I figured that she probably did because she had the most posters up on the fence.

As we were entering the town of Newport we saw this huge food pantry. It looks like it was in an old grocery store. A sign of today's economic times.

On our way to Newport, we drove by a large area of old buildings that appeared to have been converted into some type of antique museum. We did not have the opportunity to stop and visit but it sure looked like a great photo opportunity. I hate missing prime photo opps.

On our drive to Newport, we also drove by an area that had a restaurant that was all decked out for Fall and just beyond this restaurant was a cemetery headstone business. I began to wonder how good the food really was at this restaurant. We decided to not take any chances.

I found this sign right across from my Dads dialysis center. I found it kind of unique but the strange thing was that there was no building associated with the sign.

On our drive to Newport, we drove by the local constables residence. A
constable is generally an elected peace officer with lesser jurisdiction than a sheriff. By the looks of it, they don't pay a constable much money in TN.

With all of the High School mascots that the Newport High School could have picked from....why this one??? This is just wrong on so many levels. I feel sorry for the kids who go out and play sports and represent this High School. They must take a verbal beating from other schools on a regular basis.
On our drive to Newport, we drove by the Bushs Baked Beans facility. Veronica and I tried to get in and see if they offered any sort of tours but unfortunately we had a difficult time finding a proper entrance onto the property. We ended up driving in the back of the fenced in facility and stumbled upon this great photographic find. The second photo is my favorite photo of the whole trip.

A new company store being built across from the canning/cooperate facility
Various signage on our drive to and from Newport, TN.

Now here is a special find that we came across in the Newport, TN area. You just don't see these any more. Old Americana at its best. I had to walk about 1/2 mile through dense brush and woods to get these photos but it was worth every step to capture these by gone days that I remember from my youth....concession stand and all.

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