Garden Is Ready Now Just Awaiting For Spring To Arrive

We had a few warm days so I figured that Spring was close by. Then it turned cold again but at least have have my gardens prepped and ready. I am expanding this years garden and growing only specific veges.
Last year I experimented with vegetables that I have never grown before. Some were hits and some were misses so this year I scaled down on the variety of vegetables that I would grow but expanded on my garden space.
My main garden will be for corn only but I will be planting about 4-5 different types of sweet corn.
I bought my seeds from Burpees this year.
They have a nicer assortment that the seeds sold at Walmart or Home Depot.
I also ordered a bunch of different Sweet Pepper plants that should arrive sometime shortly after 4/10.
The same with the 5 different types of tomato plants.
I got approximately 20 large plant pots to put out on the back deck and I have loaded them up with dirt and fertilizer. Most of the plant pots will contain the sweet pepper plants and a few with have tomatoes in them.
I am also going to plant a few varieties of potatoes...some on the back deck in two potato bag planters and the rest in my new garden area.
I will be planting 3 of the largest tomato plants in my new garden area along with some carrots.
I have another container on the back deck for some more carrots.
I had some spare fencing that I had used to fence around the big garden last year and I cut the leftover fencing into 3 sections and made my own tomato cages for those 3 larger tomato plants.
Everything is all prepared and ready. All I am waiting on is some warmer weather and for the rest of my plants to arrive.
I will take pictures of my new expanded garden space and the plants once I begin to plant.
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