I'm A Little Lighter Today

I stopped by my doctors office today, so that I could pick up a prescription that she had waiting for me.
While there I took the opportunity to weigh myself.
Since my last weigh in, approximately a week ago, I have lost an additional 6 pounds.
I don't feel a lot lighter but the numbers don't lie. Actually, I weighed myself 3 times just in case the scales were lying.
So far I have lost a total of 16 pounds. I still would like to drop 10 or more pounds.
I would be really happy at that point in time. My ultimate goal is to weigh about 175-178 pounds.
With my medication, the heat, my exercising and my changes in eating habits, I figure I should be where I want to be in about a month. As hard as I have been working, it could be sooner.
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