I'm Baaaaack!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. Veronica and I just got back a couple of hours ago from our Alaska adventure. It have been a grueling last 36 hours or so. We disembarked the ship at about 9:00-10:00AM and walked around Pikes Market for a bit, dragging 3 carryons for the plane with us. Went to the Seattle Airport around 11 or 12. We spent almost 10-11 hours in the Seattle airport. Between reading books and sleeping on the floor. It made for a lovely day. We left Seattle last night at 10:05 PM...Seattle time. Landed in Newark, NJ at around 5-5:30EST. Got something to eat....airport food is not only yummy but so extremely healthy to boot. Then on a 2-2 1/2 hour flight into Norfolk International Airport and a drive home. We were able to get our luggage into the house and that was about it. It still is sitting there calling out our names. Just got up from catching up on a little sleep. Veronica is still sleeping. We will attack the luggage in a little while. Won't be writing too much about our adventure for a day or so. Need to get our feet back under us just a bit. What I will tell you is that this adventure to Alaska was absolutely fantastic. Saw sights that I would have never seen in my lifetime. I have got pictures and videos for everyone. Some truly amazing sights to share with you. As Capt. Lars, the Captain of the Norwegian Pearl told us...it was one of the best cruises he has has ever sailed and Captained because of the number of different things that we saw that are not normally seen on an average cruise. So give me a day or two to get my legs back under me and I will share our tales with you both in writing and with some truly amazing photos and videos.
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