About 1 year ago, Veronica gave me a journal book and suggested that I write down my thoughts on a daily basis and she would do the same. That way when either one of us died, the other would be able to read the journal and have something that was written by the other. To be honest with you, I really did not have the interest or drive to sit each day and hand write how I felt, my thoughts of the day or what might be bothering me. Call my lack of interest whatever you want, but let's call it what it truly was....laziness and boredom. I really don't like sitting and handwriting anything down on a daily basis....I find it really boring. My handwriting is atrocious and my thought process does not blend well with handwriting everything down, especially when trying to compose something so that it reads like I had put some sort of serious thought to it. I originally started my blog so that I could journal what I felt was meaningful to me, throw in a few personal thoughts, some tidbits of humor, some photos for good measure and share it with all of you. But as my blog has grown over the days, weeks and months and looking back on it's growth and content, I have discovered that I was actually doing what Veronica had asked me to do but in a format that I enjoyed doing and one that is so much better than the hand written journal method ...instead of being one dimensional, now we have something that is multi-dimensional.I do enjoy people visiting my blog and I don't mind sharing portions of my life's journeys with you, but at the end of my days, this blog is truly for Veronica. One of these days after I have left this world and you feel alone or sad or just want to reminisce, with me in your thoughts....Veronica....with the snow lightly falling outside...with the fireplace crackling....put on your warm jammies and pour yourself a cup of our favorite coffee...not too much cream for you, so unlike the way I enjoy find a comfy couch to sit in...and let's take that walk down memory lane together. Just like this blog, I will always be here...awaiting those special visits from you....where we can be together again. Love Always......Rick
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