First Full Day Of Our Vacation

This morning we got up early and headed out to get ourselves a 24 hour pass to ride a Vaporetto, which is a waterbus that holds quite a number of people.
We were planning on taking the Vaporetto to Murano first. Murano is an island known for the many glass blowing facilities. You can pop in to almost any of these facilities and watch a demonstration of the artists glass blowing techniques and skills.
After spending some time in Murano we hopped aboard another vaporetto and this time headed to another beautiful island called Burano. Burano is a fishing community that is known for its very colorful houses and for their famous Burano handmade lace items.
After spending quite a bit of time in Burano we boarded another vaporetto and headed back to Venice, which was an approximately 30 minute boat ride.
We ended up walking all over the place...wherever our feet decided to take us.
Once again we had dinner at  our favorite pizza restaurant..Antico Forno.
As the sun set I got an opportunity to take some night photos. I have never taken too many previously so I wasn't quite sure how they would come out.
We ended up our night dead tired from a long but fun filled day of adventures.
Below are some of the photos that I took throughout the course of our day.

Although this might be the first photo of the day it in no way represents nor implies that we did anything wrong in Venice. We were good and used appropriate tourist etiquette throughout our stay in Venice. Upon the advice of our attorney we have nothing more to say.

This sphere that is attached to the side of a bridge in Venice is actually for handicap use only. It is attached to the side of this bridge and runs along a rail taking the person to the other side. 1st time I have ever seen one of these. Great idea. 

Below are some views of Venice as seen from our Vaporetto. We were on our way to Murano and Burano for the day.

Below starts our visit to Murano which is famous for its glass making

Many of the glass making facilities and showrooms have boats to escort buyers to and from their businesses

In Venezia many people own boats the same as we own cars and some of the boats are real beauties 

We saw several of these...I think they are called sistern and they hold drinking water

Now this is my type of boat

Kayakers in the Venice lagoon

Below are photos taken from Burano.. originally a fishing village known for its colorful houses and for its handmade lace items

We saw many of these type of fountains throughout Venezia

Another sistern

Colorful houses everywhere

Canals in Burano

We saw lots of homes that had drapes or curtains or some other type of fabric covering their front doors. These are used for privacy. Their are tourists and photographers that meander are throughout the area so these are just a way to keep their privacy

Below is the main commercial street of Burano. Lots of restaurants and lace stores on this pedestrian only street.

Below is the restaurant were we sat outside and had some lunch
Lunch is served

Since this is an actual fishing village we saw many nets being sewn back up

Below is an empty fish market

A lady hanging out her cleaned items to dry

The working area of a local trawler

A fisherman with his best friend. He is mending his nets where there are holes that are too big which would allow his catch to swim away

We are on our vaporetto and heading back into Venice

As night fell I decided to try my luck at some nigh time photography

One of the many street performers that we saw and listened to. We always give some money which usually lends the performer to allow me to photograph them

Our favorite pizza restaurant in all of Venice...Antico Forno

Tomorrow we board the ship to start our Mediterranean cruise. We will be on the Norwegian Cruise Line ship...Jade

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