Out And About Again

After several days of being couped up, I finally made my way to our local WalMart to do some food shopping. This was the first time that I had been out since the tropical depression made its way through our area. It was still drizzling out but the real rain and winds had died down to almost nothing. Driving through certain areas, I saw many cars parked on the sidewalks and other "higher" locations. This is usually done when the streets around certain neighborhoods get flooded with water. Almost all of the standing water in the streets has subsided. I did not see many trees or limbs down. This time around, it seems that a number of people had sections of their fences blown down. I must have seen 8-10 different fences that had been damaged because of the storm. There weren't as many people out and about today as there usually would be. Walmart was not packed with people either. It made shopping a lot easier.
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