You Reap What You Sow

The garden is doing well despite the extremely high heat and all of the rain that we have had in recent weeks.
Got some tomatoes on the vine. Just waiting for them to ripen up.
Potatoes are about a month away before digging them up.
I did dig up one batch of Northern Red potatoes just to see how that did and it wasn't a bad batch that I came up with. Most of what is still growing is Yukon Gold potatoes. I will take photos when I harvest those.
Corn is doing well. I have already picked several ears of the early corn and even froze some for future consumption. We have one of those food Savers with bags and a vacuum system. The things works great and they always go on sale. Might want to check one out.
The sweet pepper plants are really getting big and most plants have peppers set on them.


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