All In A Days Work

This morning Veronica and I had to get up early and head to the DMV in Manteo, so that Veronica could get a replacement DL as her original got lost.
Luckily there was only one customer before her so we ended up not being in there for very long.
Not only did she get a new DL but she got a new photo taken for her new DL, which she was extremely happy about.
On the way home we stopped at the grocery store to get a few items and then we stopped by the Post Office.
I was expecting one of Veronica's gifts to arrive along with her new Lexmark printer, which we got a killer deal on. We happened to be looking at getting her a new printer and I off course had to confer with my "consumer bible" also known as Consumer Reports. The Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro 4000 was rated fairly high in the ratings and the price was reasonable.
I then did my usual Google searches and of course I checked in with Amazon to see who had the best price and least expensive shipping costs.
 It was hard to believe the differences in pricing for this all in one unit.
Amazons prices ran the gamut from around $150.00 all the way up to around $275.00
I then did something I rarely do, I checked at Lexmarks own web site and found that they had this unit on sale for $99.00 The only bad thing was that they were out of stock. We called Lexmark and found out that we could go ahead and order one but it would take about 2-3 weeks to get it.
We figured that for the low price we could get it for, it was worth the wait and Veronica proceeded to place the order.
We were surprised when only after 4-5 days we got an email saying that our new printer was on its way.
Well...Veronica's new printed arrived at the Post office today. Although we only paid $99.00 for this printer, the shipping was free for us too. I checked the printer box and Lexmark had paid USPS $56.00 to ship this computer via Priority Mail to us.  I couldn't believe that they would pay that much on an item that sold for only $99.00
So after finishing up all of my soup cooking for Veronica's people at her workplace and getting the mess and dirty dishes cleaned up, I took another trip to the Post Office and picked up not only Veronica's new printer but the last of my Christmas gifts for Veronica that also arrived at the Post Office today.
 After getting home from the Post office I decided to go ahead and wrap Veronica's gift up.
Then there was the quick job of assembling a 3 shelf wired rack for our closet and after that came the unveiling of Veronica's new computer.
There are still a few small things to be done before the day is done but right now...time to take a breath and enjoy a bowl of pasta e fagioli soup.
Then its back to work....whew....what a day it has been!

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