Update On Our Move

On Monday, 6/15 our movers arrived and packed up their truck with most of our belongings. By the time their truck was unloaded it was about 6 -6:30PM and had been a very long day. During the last 2 days since our move we have been super busy unpacking and getting everything where it belongs or at least where we could fit it in. Even though we had downsized approximately 50-60% we still had to be creative in eking out every bit of space that we can in order to get our belongings to fit. After 2 solid days of working at it we are about 80% done. We have not permanently moved to Virginia Beach quite yet as Veronica still has until the end of July to still be working in her Outer Banks of NC store. We will still be driving back and forth from our old place to our new location until her start date in her new store. Our lease is not up on our old place until the end of August, so we will need to go back and do the normal cleanup so that we get our deposit back. We still have some belongings at our old place in which we will be bringing them up a little at a time on each trip we return to Virginia Beach. To day was the first day that we really feel that we have made solid progress in making this our new home. It will take about 2 more days to finally finish putting everything up where we want it. I will be so glad when this part of our new chapter is completed. My back and body has really taken a beating over the last 4-6 weeks and I really could use a break to let my body recuperate. Unfortunately that will have to wait just a little longer.
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