Still Awaiting The Return of Services

Our internet, phone and cable services are still down. Unfortunately we are dealing with Charter Communications to remedy the problem. Based on our previous dealings with them, it could be many moons until our service is restored. In the meantime Veronica and I decided to piggyback onto our local Staples internet hotspot.
So here I sit in our vehicle, with laptop on my lap...thus the name laptop and I will be trying to get this blog entry completed with the least amount of problems. Hopefully all will go well.
Below are some photos of what Veronica and I witnessed both during and after Hurricane Irene visited us.
The videos, which are really cool, will have to wait until our internet is back up and running at home.
I apologize for these photos not being in order. This is all I can get up tonight. I have more photos and videos that I will be posting, hopefully in the near future.
You can click on each image to get the larger version to show up.

All of these photos were taken from either our driveway, the front of our home or from our back deck.

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