It's That Time Of Year Again

This last Friday I received the last of the documents that I have been waiting for. The anticipation and the stress level had been rising for weeks prior to receiving this last tidbit of documentation.
It was now time to don the full length body armor and face my enemy head on.
"Rick...what the heck are you talking about?"...I can hear you asking me now.This dreaded foe is none other than the volumes of documents and numbers associated with Tax Time.
So with a stiff drink and a couple of Prozac, I jumped straight into the madness.
After purchasing my Turbo Tax software online, I proceeded to spend the next 6 hours preparing our Federal tax forms and 2 state tax for Virginia and one for North Carolina.
By the time I was finished, the dust of battle had settled and the effects of both drink and pills had worn off, there I stood on the field of battle, basking in the glorious feeling of victory.
We owed no money and are actually getting refunds all the way around.
By the time that it was all over with, I slowly dragged my tired and dazed body off the field of battle and promptly laid myself in bed.
I slept rather soundly knowing that soon the coffers would be full again or at least enough to last until the same battle plays out again next year.
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