Day At Sea Cruising Towards Piraeus Greece

Today was a day at sea which basically means we would not be docking in any port today. We were cruising towards Piraeus, Greece. Tomorrow morning we will be docking in Piraeus...the gateway to Athens, Greece.
Because today is a day at sea we were able to sleep in late and basically relax all day.
We did go to see a musical production in the Stardust Theater in the evening. After the show we went to the Garden Cafe for a little desert before going back to our cabin and getting some sleep.
The only photos that I took today were of the beautiful color of the Adriatic Sea. The color is truly amazing and welcoming. And there was of course the evenings sunset.

An artistic viewpoint of the ships wake. I must have taken at least 100 of these types of photos and no two are alike...unique in every detail.

Tomorrow we visit Athens, Greece
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