Returning Home One Last Time

Tonight Veronica and I will be heading back to our place on the Outer Banks. Veronica has just a few days left to work at her store there and I have a few days to finish cleaning up whatever is left over from my last visit. I still have a couple of rooms left to clean up so we can get our deposit back. We also have a carpet cleaning service coming on Wednesday the 12th. We will be returning our keys into the management company at the end of the month and that will wrap up that chapter of our lives. It was interesting living on the Outer Banks with our most memorable times being the couple of hurricanes that went through the area while living there.
Veronica had a good birthday. We went to Ruths Chris and had a great meal and then saw the Cirque du Soleil production Kooza. It was a great show held under a huge circus style tent. Luckily the air conditioning was working well because it was really hot and muggy out. We were seated 3rd row from the front and basically centered to the stage. I would highly recommend seeing Kooza if you get the opportunity. Seeing it in a huge tent and it being a travelling show added a whole new dimension to the show.

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