I Made My First Sale

I have been so preoccupied with trying to go through the approximately 11,000 photos that were taken during our vacation to Paris, France that I am missing important milestones that are happening for me.
Today I was once again working on the photos so that I can post them on this blog and also upload the good ones onto the Fine Arts America web site.
I just happened to be taking a brief break and was checking out my email. I had received an email that someone left a new comment about my photos on the FAA web site.
The comment was congradulating me on my most recent sale. Huh......what recent sale?
Sure enough I had missed it...a day ago I made my very first sale on FAA. Someone in PA made the purchase on a print of a photo that I took while we were in Paris.
A big shout out and "Thank You" to my first customer!!!
Now it's time to go back to looking through and editing the last 6,000 photos that are left but before I go here is the link to the sale page...  Sold One Day Ago!!! 
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