A Lazy Rainy Day

Woke up this morning to some heavy rain coming down outside.
It's going to be one of those lazy rainy days.
I think that I will catch up on some programs that I missed over the last couple of days.
With our cable package, we went ahead and got a DVR. We end up missing so many of our shows during any given time and we thought it would be great to be able to tape them and watch them when we had a better opportunity. This DVR has 2 tuners built into it so that we can tape 2 shows at one time but if both shows are being taped at the exact same time, we can't watch tv on the set in our bedroom...where the DVR is set up. At least we can still watch tv on our other sets.
I like the DVR system much better than the old VCR setup that we used to deal with when trying to record shows. Modern technology is a good thing. Too bad it took us so long to catch up to what a lot of people have already been enjoying for quite some time.

Got To Watch Where You Step

Last night it rained but is was clearing up by the time morning came.
I decided to go for a walk. On my walk I ran into this little critter.
He was no bigger than the end of my little finger.
The little critter was camera shy too.
I waited and waited but he refused to stick his head and legs all of the way out of his shell.

The little one did make it safely to the grass...I made sure that he did.

An Admission And An Observation

Let's get the first portion of this blog entry done and over with...I went to DMV last Friday and took the written test, in order to get my North Carolina drivers license. I have not had to take a written DL test in decades.
Even though I had studied and the test was a multiple choice test....you guessed it...I failed that sucker in a big way. I missed 6 and ended up with a 76. Not that much different than what I used to get in High School...almost 4 decades ago. Pretty sad I know.
Veronica only missed 1 and she did not really study much at all.
Now, I do realize that the aforementioned sentence does even less as far as restoring my standing in my "mans world" but she deserves the kudos for doing well on the test.
Now in my own defense, I found many of the questions to be rather ambiguous....yes I actually used the word "ambiguous" and I used it in the correct context. How do I know this?...because I looked it up doing a google search before I wrote it down.
Not bad for someone who flunked a written drivers license test.
But seriously...some of the questions were vague and lacked enough information to make an intelligent guess at the answer...hey...this is my excuse and I am sticking with it.
So I dragged my injured pride into the house and spent some serious time over the weekend studying the North Carolina's DMV Drivers Manual.
I returned to the location of where I had earlier lost a portion of my manhood and I took the test again.
I had a lot more confidence as I went through this test and although I did not "ace" it, I only missed 2 this time and I was able to leave the building with my head held upright.
Here in NC, they give you a temporary DL until the real thing arrives in about 10 days or so.
Once you get your "real" DL, you then can go get your vehicle(s) registered.
So with my temporary paper DL, I did some running around today in the car, I noticed that traffic has already started to pick up and I observed several cars with out of state plates.
Traffic will only get worse as the Summer months get closer.
If the traffic gets too bad, I won't be needing my drivers license because I won't be driving anywhere and I will be sticking around our quiet neighborhood.
Speaking of our neighborhood...after going for several walks over the last several days, I have a good idea of who lives where.
This isn't really hard since there are only 3 other families in the neighborhood besides us.
One other family at the other end of our townhouse buildings....one family in one of the other 3 townhouse buildings and 1 family in 1 of the other 5 or 6 single family houses.
Needless to say.....it is pretty darn quiet around here.

Videos From Our Visit To Duck And Corolla

Here are several videos that I took while we were out visiting Duck and Corolla North Carolina. Just click on the arrow to view the videos.

Our drive on the beach

Surfer dude using a long paddle

A Day Spent In Duck And Corolla

Today Veronica and I spent a relaxing day visiting the towns of Duck and Corolla. Here are some photographs from todays adventure.

A restaurant that we came across.

Where there is water, there are birds and from the looks of all of the white splats on the concrete, this place has a ton of birds around.

An old weathered sign that we found near the restaurant.

A couple of the homes in the area

This old boat was in the yard of one of the houses that we saw.

This was another interesting house that we came across. Unfortunately I had to take the photo while we were driving.

Corolla is known for its wild Spanish Mustangs that live in the area. Everywhere you look, you will find some sort of horse statue in honor of these wild mustangs.

Most of the houses in this region have names to them...same as how people will name a boat or a cabin in TN.

We found this real nice home that had this peacock art work painted on it.

A clubhouse in one of the neighborhoods that we went through

Various photos of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse

This fossil was outside of a museum. The museum which is usually open, was closed do to budgetary reasons. Not sure what kind of animal it came from.

Veronica having fun

Here is a wooden bridge that we found near the lighthouse

I saw these knots in a tree. You can use your imagination as to what they look like. Possibly something from the movie...The Fly. This is kind of like a Tree Knots Rorschach test.

This is a beach that the various Wild Mustang tours take you to, in order to find the horses. I think that they blocked the area in so that the horses would stay in their own area....a horse sanctuary, that is dedicated to the preservation of these wonderful animals. Veronica and I decided to go on the beach without taking one of the numerous tours.
Here is a link to get more information on the Corolla Wild Horses
On our little beach drive, we saw this guy surfing with a long paddle

We found this artwork as we were driving into a Harris Teeter grocery store parking lot.

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