These Darn Mosquitoes

Ever since Hurricane Irene deposited copious amounts of water throughout the local landscape, we have been inundated with mosquitoes.
Lately it has really become worse.
You can't even walk outside without them just waiting to pounce on whatever exposed portion of skin that they think you are offering up to them. And heaven forbid if they think that you might go inside just to get away from them. They will just hang onto whatever you are wearing and take a free ride on you just to get inside your house. They are not dumb insects...they aren't about to let go of that gravy train....which is you. And this is when the fun really begins because they have plenty areas in your home to visit and keep them occupied while waiting for you to get tired and go to sleep. Then it's time for them to all belly up to the human buffet table and gorge themselves on the likes of you.
They are worse than a flock of Lilliputians from Gulliver's travels.
They are just downright unmerciful. And they don't give a hoot whether you are wearing light colored clothes, dark colored clothes, sweating or not sweating, hot or cold, wearing floral scented perfume or have a garlic clove necklace around your neck. It just does not matter to these little critters. Actually I think that they did their own Google search about themselves, so that they would have the same information that we have about them.
Let me tell you....the proper knowledge in the hands of the wrong mosquito can be really scary and worrisome. Give me a dumb mosquito anytime over book wise and street wise mosquito.
There isn't any amount of Deet that seems to persuade them to go elsewhere for their tasty red snack.
Every day it seems that the insect sprayer man in his truck, drives through our neighborhood and does his nightly attack on the pesky little blood suckers with wings.
None of the spraying seems to make a dent in this mosquito population.
I could swear that I saw a couple of them the other day flying around wearing some sort of custom made gas masks to protect them from the insect spray....and I think they were pointing and giggling at the man in the truck doing the spraying.
Nothing worse than a disrespectful mosquito.
I can hardly wait for the first real frost of the season to occur and totally eliminate the mosquito population.
Then we will see who is doing all of the pointing and giggling.
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