Where Has The Time Gone

Hard to believe that it has been several months since I wrote anything or even visited my blog. To say that life has kept me occupied would be a vast understatement.
Between taking my Dad and picking him up from dialysis 3 times a week, numerous other appointments for him, cooking meals, bank runs, haircut now and then, grocery shopping along with whatever else might come up...it has been hectic and busy. Thankfully Veronica has helped me out as much as humanly possible and has also given me some breaks in my duties so that I can get in a workout and some walks now and then. I owe her a big "thank you". It got to the point where my own health was starting to worry me so my dad and I worked out a system where it would free up just a bit of my time to allow me to take better care of myself than I have been. We have just started our new schedule and it won't be in full effect until after the holidays. He will be getting a ride to and from dialysis twice a week from a local organization. This will give me a little more opportunity to keep me physically and mental health wise in a better place than it has been.
And now I look at the calendar and it is almost Christmas already. Then New Years and then it is TAX time again.
Veronica and I do have a a really cool adventure coming up soon. At the end of January we will be headed to Barcelona. After spending a few days there we will be boarding the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic for an 11 day cruise that will take us to places that we have never been before... Cagliari Sardinia(Italy), Palermo, Rome, Naples, Florence/Pisa and Palma Majorca Spain and then back to Barcelona. We have some really great excursions set up during this trip.
And the travel doesn't stop there...we are planning on returning to Paris in the Fall.
We have a lot to be thankful for.
And just in case I blink again and another month has passed me by without getting or taking the time for my next blog entry....just want to wish everyone out there a very safe and Happy Holiday Season.
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