Day #5 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise

This morning we got up early and grabbed some breakfast before heading out and catching a shuttle that would take us from the pier into the heart of the city. We spent several hours just walking the streets of Cagliari. This city is fairly hilly so we had to walk uphill on many of the streets which eventually gave us a great view of the city and areas down below us.

Early morning tug boat guiding us into the harbor

Cagliari had some really cool old architecture
Small store in the city

There was quite a bit of street art in the city
We saw several of the cages and pigeons around the city. I would guess that they were for the passenger pigeons returning home

More street art

A view from higher up on one of the hills in Cagliari

Below is one of the many beautiful churches that we saw in Cagliari..the Santa Maria Cathedral

Here is a small cafe that was in a square just outside of the Santa Maria Cathedral

I thought that the vegetation and the textures were kind of cool looking
A charred door

A mini car parked in a narrow alley

The devil awaits at the end of this alley
The NCL Epic as seen from a hilltop position in the city

We returned to our ship around 1:30 at which time we grabbed some lunch and took a brief nap. We basically relaxed and took it easy the rest of the day. Tomorrow would be another sea day as we sailed towards Palermo, Sicily.

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