A Secret Santa Surprise For Veronica

Today I decided to surprise Veronica while she was at work.
Originally I was planning on buying her some flowers on line and having them delivered to her store but after seeing what they offered, I decided that it would be a more personal gift if I delivered them to her myself.
I got a tall glass cylinder that she had in the kitchen cabinet.  This cylinder was actually a measuring device but I thought it would make a great vase.
I then got wrapping paper and various bows and proceeded to decorate the vase.
I drove to the grocery store to buy some flowers. I got 3 arrangements that were of various colors. I had also brought along with me a bottle of water and a scissors.
So here I am in the parking lot of our local Harris Teeters trimming the bottoms of of the flower stems and getting my arrangement all set up in the vase along with some water and a small packet of flower fertilizer.
I had the vehicle that Veronica usually drives to work and had previously seen a Santa costume in the back.
I drove to Veronica's store and parked around the back side of it where very few people might see me.
I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get this Santa suit on me where everything looked good and in its proper place. I had even brought my pillow with me to stuff in the suit and use as my big Santa belly.
Once I got myself looking like a half decent Santa, I placed to telephone calls to the store. On each of the calls, when someone answered the telephone, I would say something like OMG secret Santa is on his way to your store...mystery Santa Alert!!!!
After making those 2 calls, I waited for a couple of minutes and then proceeded to make my appearance in the store.
With bellowing Ho Ho Hos, Merry Christmas and carrying  this decorated vase, I walked around the store for a few minutes interacting with some of the customers.
After walking around for a few minutes and not seeing Veronica on the sales floor, I made my way back to her office and surprised her with the flowers.
Veronica then walked with me on the sales floor to great customers and hand out some small boxed candy canes that she had in her office.
After greeting customers for a little bit, I went back to Veronica's office and got out of the Santa suit.
I had a good time doing what I did but couldn't wait to get out of that suit.
I give a lot of credit to all of those Santas out there that do this on a yearly basis. After being in that suit for about an hour, I have a new appreciation of their efforts.

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