Welcome Back All

The mystery of the missing subscribers has been solved. As of this morning, all of my subscribers via Google Feed are back. There must have been a glitch on Googles side of things. I apologize for not writing quite as much as I normally do....possibly writers block. But I do have a couple of things in the works..at least mentally. Just a matter of putting finger to keyboard. And speaking of finger, I mainly use one finger to type with. Sounds strange but that is the way I have always typed. I use my left middle finger to type with. I wonder if there is some type of correlation between using my middle finger to type with and some sort of built up anger or issues that I am holding inside...hmmmm....might be time to visit a professional. What I do know for sure is that the same middle finger has been hurting for about a month now. I do use it a lot. The answer is "no" I haven't been flipping a lot of people off, but thank you for asking...lol. Actually I went to the doctor because of the pain. The tendon in the finger tightens up and makes it hard to move the finger plus my knuckle hurts a lot. It is the knuckle closest to my hand. I can actually feel the bones in that knuckle click as they are rubbing against each other, when I bend my finger open and close. It gets so painful that it wakes me up at night. That is what happened last night. The pain woke me up and I had to go into the bathroom and run hot water over my finger to get it to loosen up. Then I rubbed some cream in it. The doctor said I had "trigger finger". He has given me some anti inflammatory pills to take. If those don't work the next step is some injections in my finger. The worst part is that I would have to change which finger that I would be typing with. It took me years to become an efficient typer with this middle finger. The last thing I want to do is have to learn how to type using a different one. Not much else I can do though. Kind of like a bird with a broken wing.
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