Keep Politics Out Of Dancing With The Stars

Veronica and I have been watching Dancing With The Stars for several seasons now.
Each season there seems to be at least one surprise or injustice which usually is blamed on the lack of voters/votes that a couple get.
I think that this season has set a new record for injustice as far as who goes to the finals and who doesn't.
I do realize that this show and the outcome of it is irrelevant compared to all of the injustices and troubles that plague our planet.
Believe me...I am not trying to "make light" of those issues.
With that being said...
Last night Brandy got voted off and will not make it to the finals. She had received some of the best scores throughout the contest. As it turns out, Bristol Palin will be in the finals. Miss Palin has been consistently in the lower grouping of scores since the season started.
Miss Palin has grown leaps and bounds as a dancer compared to when the season first started.
And although she has improved dramatically as the season has unfolded, the bottom line is that she is not and never was in the same league as Brandy.
The bottom line is this...Bristol Palin should not be in the finals for Dancing With The Stars...Brandy should be based on the judges scores throughout the shows season and based on what anyone can clearly see...Brandy is a better dancer.
To succeed on this show, I believe that it's not a matter of how you do or the talent that you do/do not exhibit, but based on who your are and who your Mother might be.
Hey folks....let's keep politics out of a show that should be solely based on ones ability and talent and NOT based on ones last name and political standing!!!!
Brandy and Maks...this might be America but you got ripped off. Unfortunately, you are painfully aware of this fact.
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