Nothing Comes Easy

I am currently writing this entry from Veronica's old computer. This computer is in a semi retirement state and is mainly used by Veronica for many aspects of her creative artwork.
You might ask yourself why I would be using this old and really slow computer, when I just got my newer one back from HP after they installed a new hard drive.
Well it seems that my attempts to restore all of my backed up files that were stored on my WD Notebook Essential 1TB external hard drive were for nought.
To make a long story short, after calling WD, I was told that because I used the Windows Backup program, that WD could not help me to restore the files from the external hard drive back onto my computer.
I was kindly given the telephone number for Microsoft.
After calling the number and speaking to a tech, I was told that for $99.00 he would take control of my computer and find out where my files were on the WD hard drive and restore everything to the condition it was prior to losing my hard drive. I was promised that all previously installed programs would be fully functional, even if they had to be placed back into the computers registry. After many questions on my part and getting the answers that I needed, I agreed to pay the price in order to get my computer back to where it was prior to the hard drive failure. I figured $99 was money well spent since it would take me weeks to get everything back or at least close to the way it was by me doing it on my own and even then, I would not have nearly all of the programs and files on it as I previously did. Plus I get a 30 day of warranty coverage on the work that they do to my computer.
So after logging onto a special page and downloading a program, I sat back and watched as my cursor darted from here to there with windows boxes opening and closing. There were several breaks in the action and this kindly tech kept his phone line open for me and vice versa, so that we could talk if the need arose.
After about 4 hours of this tech trying to restore my files from the external hard drive back onto my computer, it became obvious that he was running into trouble.
He told me that he was going to pass my issues up to techs at the next level.
So today between the hours of 10AM and Noon, I will need to be standing by for a telephone call from a higher up Microsoft tech, who will also try to fix me computer.
Unfortunately I just realized that I had promised Veronica that I would go to the Post Office and pick up a new order of Copic Markers that she had placed. I forgot that because it is Saturday, The Post Office hours are from 10AM-Noon....of course they are...wouldn't have it any other way.
Well a promise is a I will make sure that I am at the post office right as that window goes up and get Veronica's new markers and then scurry back home and hopefully arrive there before the techs telephone call arrives.
I have high hopes still that all of my backed up data can be placed back onto my repaired computer.
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