Forget About It And I Mean It

This morning there was a news segment on television, about a drug in pill form, that could eradicate bad traumatic memories and strong fearful memories. Dutch scientists have found that in humans, a fearful memory can be erased by a drug that is usually used to control blood pressure. The University of Amsterdam ran a study using the drug ß-blocker propranolol. I found this to be very interesting. Each of us have gone through something(s) in our journey that has had a big dramatic or traumatic impact on our lives. These events have an impact on our emotional feelings and help mold who we are and how we react to different things. Imagine what it would be like or would have been like if we took a pill like this after each event that caused us emotional or physical pain or fear. After the breakup of our first love, the death of a loved one, a divorce, being in a war, physical abuse, a victim of any type of criminal act or any number of things that have a negative impact on us and has molded us into who we are and how we feel. We would probably all be totally different people...less emotional scaring and probably much happier with our lives. We would not be carrying around as much excess baggage in our daily lives. There are many times in my life where I could have used a pill like this and at times used multiple doses.
For more info about ß-blocker propranolol and the study mentioned above, please click on the link below:
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