Hurricane Irene Kicked Our Butts

The last 48 hours has been interesting to say the least. The first half of the hurricane was uneventful and I figured that it was going to be a piece of cake. Just a little rain and wind. Then the eye of the hurricane passed by us and the wind changed direction. The next thing we new was that all of the water that had been sucked out of the bay and Into the sound came rushing back into the bay. It came into the bay like a raging and rushing river. Next thing we knew, it looked like our place was going to be flooded. We had rush around and grab whatever we could to get it up to the second floor.
The water rose and stopped just 2 feet shy of the back wall of our computer/storage room that is on the ground floor.
We watched this whole thing from start to finish. I was able to get some great video and photos of this whole event along with photos of some damaged houses in the area. We lost electricity until just tonight. It was a hot and miserable 30 or so hours without a/c, especially with all of the water and moisture around. No warm water for showers plus we were worried about losing all of our refrigerated food items. We still have no Internet, cable or telephone service.
I am doing this blog entry from the IPad that I got Veronica recently.
Without phone service, Internet, electricity, cable or any other services to the outside world, this device came in quite handy.
As soon as we get Internet service back, I will be uploading lots of videos and photos of our experiences with Hurricane Irene.
Veronica and I are safe and sound and because we did not have any other distractions to keep us occupied...except for the hurricane of course, we were able to spend some quality time during this weather event.
I even allowed myself to get talked into helping clean up her craft room, which is no small chore let me tell you. We also spent the day getting our home back into the condition it was in prior to the hurricane arriving...this too was no small chore because I had dragged several wardrobe boxes and various cameras and electronics up to the second floor and out of our ground level computer/storage room.
One thing that I forgot to mention was That as fast the water rose, when I woke up this morning, 80 percent of the water had receded and there were cars on the road.
Stay tuned for the videos and photographs taken during this hurricane.
I will post them as soon as I have Internet service.

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