The Finish Line Is Almost Upon Us

After the longest separation since our marriage Veronica is back up here in Virginia Beach. Due to the facts that she is still working on the OBX and I am continuing to take Dad for his dialysis 3 times a week along with taking him to all of his other doctors appointments we had to go through a long stint of being away from each other. She is now on vacation which will give her the chance to relax a little bit and do things she enjoys doing but hasn't had much opportunity to do for several months, sewing, embroidery and art work. After this week we will return to our OBX place where Veronica will work he last few days in her store down there and I will finish up the cleaning in our place in order to get our deposit back. Our lease is not up until the end of this month so the last time we will go down there after this next trip will be on the last day of our lease, which is 8/31. At that time we will return our keys to the management company along with turning the electric off and getting the water bill out of our name.
Veronica's Birthday is on Tuesday. I plan on taking her to Ruths Chris and then to a Cirque du Soleil show which starts at 8. This show will be much different from any others that we have seen. This will be the first travelling show that goes from city to city. It is also the first show that we have seen that will be held under a huge tent. It is supposed to be air conditioned and I sure hope it is. It is supposed to be in the high 90s on Tuesday. If the a/c isn't good there will be a lot of miserable and wilted people due to the heat.
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