General Update

Veronica and I have only 8 days left until we leave here for our overseas vacation.
All of our bags are packed up except for one piece of luggage. This last piece of luggage won't be completely packed until the day we leave.
On another note, Veronica and I went to IKEA the other week and purchased an item that is used to hang up works of art from a wire line that is attached by brackets to a wall. We bought 3 of these items with the though that we would put 2 away until we get to our final housing location and the other item we would use here.
After thinking about it further, we decided to keep the three art hanging devices for future use and instead we used 2 screw in the wall hooks and then tied some yarn between the 2 hooks. We placed this art hanger above our bed and with the clips that came from the sets that we got from IKEA, we hung several of Veronica's works of art. We put up several that she made for me along with others that were of a Halloween nature.
We will be changing the Halloween artwork out for the Christmas artwork that she made after Halloween is over with.
Below are photos of our art hanger, her works of art that she made that we hung up and one photo showing where the Birthday canvas that I made for Veronica  is displayed in our bedroom. I originally had this piece on the top of one of our tall speakers but because I have a tendency to put my elbows out when cleaning, I had a good feeling that if I didn't move the piece to a safer position, my elbows would eventually catch it and it would end up on the floor broken. Too much time and love went into creating this piece for Veronica that I really felt the need to protect it from me.

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