The Surrender

Feet running
hitting concrete
moving swiftly
trying to escape
like a stampeding herd of wild horses
pulse pounding
muscles throbbing
heart aching
then silence
giving in and giving up
weary and drained
no desire to continue
loss of will
no strength to keep going
or to keep fighting
the protective wall that I put up slowly crumbles
the cloud of dust and particles remain heavy in the air
I am now totally yours
as you always wanted
to use and abuse
to be taken advantage of
and to be taken for granted
my soul plodded and plundered
to be manipulated and molded
another you
and when finished with
cast aside and discarded
without a second glance or thought
lowly remains of a life lost and wasted
remembered only as what you created
within you own mind
not what or who I truly was
but what you made me to be
ONLY because I surrendered
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