Polar Plunge 2015 In Virginia Beach, Virginia

This weekend Veronica and I assisted at the Polar Plunge 2015 event held in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I wasn't feeling all that well so I wasn't able to participate as much as I usually do. Even being down and out didn't keep me from taking photos of parts of the event along with several other assorted photos. Here is a small portion of the photos that I captured by the time the event concluded:

Actually broke out my tripod and manual shutter release to try a few different settings for the moonlight photos

Below are some of the Polar Plunge 2015 photos from Virginia Beach, VA

Below are various sunrise and early morning photos

And then it was time to feed the birds. I soon discovered that they liked the chocolate chip cookies over the nacho chips.

I found that by taking a cookie piece and holding it tightly with my fingers the birds would actually sit on my hand while flapping their wings trying to pry the cookie out of my hand. I kept my arms straight out and kind of held my camera back while taking these photos at a high speed shutter time.

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