Practicing With My New Camera

A couple of months ago I bought a new camera. I bought a Sony A7III. Because of everything going on around here with the house renovation I had no time to even open the box much less practice and test it out. I finally forced myself to find the time and have been using it daily just to see what it is capable of. This camera was a huge step up for me. The camera that I was using priot to this was a Sony RX10 Model 3. There is no comparison between these 2 other than they are both cameras. There is definitely a steep learning curve for this camera but I have been watching YouTube videos and doing some reading to learn as much as I can about it. We have various bird feeders outside of our dining room windows so I have been practicing taking high speed photos of the hummingbirds and other birds that frequent those feeders. Here are a few of my first high speed peractice photos. Please note that they are not even close to be as good as the original photos. I uploaded them onto Facebook and Facebook compresses the files which takes away not only the size of the photo but some of the detail too. I downloaded and saved these back onto my computer from Facebook:

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