Our Return Home From Another Road Trip

Veronica had another work related road trip to the Mount Airy, MD area. We left on Tuesday and just got home early this morning.
We got a late start for our return home yesterday and got caught up in some of the worse traffic that we have ever seen.
It turned out to be a several mile long parking lot at times.
It looked like everyone was starting their long 4th of July weekend at the same time.
After being in the traffic for 3 hours or so and not getting anywhere, we decided that we would find a hotel and get up early the next morning. We were hoping that by getting up and getting on the road in the early morning hours, we would not encounter the amount of traffic and problems that we had previously encountered.
We got up and hit the road around 3:30AM.
Luckily the traffic was minimal and we finally got home around 7AM.
Upon returning home, we took everything out of the car, took it inside and just piled it all up on the floor.
Then it was off to bed to catch up on our sleep. Recharge the batteries for another day.
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