Photos From Our Budapest And Prague Adventures Part #3

This is part #3 of our adventure in Budapest. It was our last full day there and we had scheduled a tour called Szentendre Nostalgia. We took a tour bus to Szentendre, which is an Hungarian town on the Danube River outside of Budapest. Szentendre was settled by Serbians fleeing from the Turkish occupation in the 17th century. Because of the Serbian influence the town has the Mediterranean feel and is considered an artists village.

Upon arrival into Szetendre our first stop was to visit the Retro Design Center which is actually a museum described as time travel back into the 1970s. They had everything from cameras, radios, toys, music, TVs, appliances and just about anything else you could think of all dating back to the 1970s

After finishing our visit to the Retro Design Center we proceeded to walk around the town

 While walking around I came upon thise bride and groom getting their wedding photos taken

Found this cat sleeping on the roof of one of the buildings

After our visit to Szentendre we boarded a boat and sailed upon the Danube River back to Budapest. These are some of the sights we saw on our way back to Budapest.

Parliament Building

Buda Castle

Below is the St. Gerhard statue at Gellert Hill overlooking the Danube River

Upon returning back into Budapest Veronica and I walked around the city and took in the sights and smells of Budapest. They were holding some type of street festival in close proximity to our hotel. We think the various festivals that were ongoing throughout Budapest were part of the National Gallop event that was upcoming on 9/15-9/17

Kürtőskalács is a spit cake specific to Hungarian-speaking regions in Romania, more ... roasted over charcoal while basted with melted butter, until its surface cooks ... with additional ingredients such as ground walnut, powdered cinnamon or even powdered vanilla. These are also known as chimney cakes.

Below are little cake balls made of marzipan

Below is the Hungarian State Opera House lit up at night. Our hotel was just around the corner from the Opera House.

This is a subway entrance...surprised how empty it was in the early evening. Nothing like the subways in Paris which are always busy.

Sign outside of a ruins bar

More of the interesting restaurants and ruins bars that are in Budapest

This wraps up our time in Budapest. Tomorrow morning we finish packing up our luggage, check out of our hotel and catch a taxi to the Keleti Railway Train station, where we will board our 1st class car and head on a 4.5 hour train trip to Prague. This was Veronica's first train trip ever so she is very excited and actually sold her on future train travel.
Part #4 of our Budapest and Prague adventure is upcoming. 

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