Last Of The IKEA Visits For Awhile

Currently Veronica and I are in Charlotte, NC. Veronica had to be here for business and I decided to tag along.
While we're were in the Charlotte area we decided to visit the local IKEA store and pick up the last pieces of furniture needed to complete Veronica's craft studio makeover. We picked up 3 shelving units just like the one that I had already assembled and customized with peg board. We also picked up another 9 drawer storage unit, which is identical to the one she currently has.
Along with these 4 pieces, we ordered another pantry unit, which is also identical to the one she already has. That unit should be delivered to our home on Friday. Veronica plans on putting all of her paper in that unit.
I will be spending the next 3 days, upon our returning home, assembling and helping Veronica arrange her craft studio to her liking.
Once these units are assembled and placed in the craft studio, Veronica will be able to store all of here crafting items where she would like them.
Once that is done the craft studio remodel will be complete. I take photos of the ongoing remodel process until it is completed.
Of course there might be a need for one or two small storage units but for the most part these recently purchased items will complete this craft studio remodel project.
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