Not Again!!!

Earlier last month, February, I was helping out Veronica at a charity event in Virginia Beach, VA.
One late morning we were with a couple of other people and we had to go to our car to get something.
Our car was parked in a concrete parking garage that was attached to the hotel/resort that we were staying in.
As usual, I had my glasses on. The lenses in my glasses have the transitional style lenses that change from dark to clear in a dark area and then back to dark in brighter more sun filled locations.
This is the very first time that I have ever had a problem with these transitional lenses.
This particular parking garage was not not lit well at all. I had just walked into the garage from a more well lit location.  Mt lenses were rather slow in transitioning from the daylight of outside to the very dim lighting of this parking garage.
There were 4 of us in this group and upon reaching our car, I started to move towards the front of our vehicle thus allowing others to get whatever they needed from within our vehicle.
It was at this time that I stumbled over something that I could not see nor had any idea was basically right under my nose.
I ended up tripping over one of those concrete blocks that they place in front of each parking spot to stop people from pulling into the spot too far and running their vehicle into the parking garage wall.
Luckily I was able to put my hand down on the concrete to steady myself before I had completely fallen over.
During this unintended acrobatic maneuver I cut the palm of my hand and tore/strained something in my left knee.
It has progressively got worse as the days have gone by.
I now have chronic pain in the joint but most of the pain is on the inside portion of the knee...I guess that would make it the medial portion but I also have pain to the touch on the back of my knee...knee "pit" area.
Because this injury is not getting any better, I placed a call to the orthopedic doctor that scoped out my right knee last year.
I will go into see him this next Tuesday. I am sure that he will want me to get an MRI done on my knee.
Once again...if I need surgery I will do it as soon as I can because our upcoming cruise to the Med Islands and Italy will be very walking intensive and there will be many hills and uneven terrain to be dealt with.
This is beginning to become a Deja Vu moment from last years medical events.
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