A Fresh Start For A Better Tomorrow

What an important day today is for the future of our country. With all of the upheaval and problems within our country and globally, hopefully the next leader of our country will have the abilty to lead our country to a stronger and better future. Hopefully a year from now I will be able to say that I am better off and the country as a whole is in a better place than we are today.
With that being said, I just returned from voting. I decided to wait until after the "before going to work" crowd had the opportunity to vote and prior to the "lunch hour" voters arriving. I arrived at the voting location around 10 AM and I was leaving around 10:20AM. There were only about 7 people in line ahead of me. It went much quicker than I ever imagined, especially after watching tv and seeing the huge lines in other areas of the country. I went their expecting a 4 hour wait. What a nice surprise. Now it is time to watch tv and see who will be our next leader.
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