Photos Of Our Most Recent Adventure To Paris, France And Beyond

A couple of weeks ago Veronica and I returned from our most recent traveling adventure. This time we went back to Paris. We stayed in a small 6th floor apartment that overlooked the one of the most famous market streets in the city of lights...Rue Cler. During this trip we also decided to venture out via train travel on a couple of side to the East and one to the West. We took a train and headed to Nantes, France and then on another excursion we took a train a headed to Colmar, France. More about these side trips in a bit. First we will start with our return visit to Paris:

Below is our small studio apartment on the 6th floor of a building which is on Rue Cler

 Our balcony that overlooks Rue Cler.
We made ourselves a homemade pasta dinner with ingredients that we got from several of the local stores on and around Rue Cler

 Not much for leftovers

Here are some photos of Rue Cler during the day.  We had a florist shop just below us and you could hear the trucks making their deliveries of fresh flowers daily in the early morning hours. They would deliver the various flowers on these tall big carts that would make a lot of noise when pushed over the cobblestone streets. The first night in the apartment was rather noisy when we were trying to get some sleep. There was a restaurant below us and just off to the right and they were busy until 2 and then they had to clean up the place.....couple that with the daily early morning flower delivery...of course we had our windows open to get some fresh air. We didn't do that again. They had really good sound dampening windows which we closed every night after more restaurant noise and no more flower delivery noise...close the windows and turn the AC on and off to sleep we went

 A quiet place where we stopped to have some coffee

Eiffel Tower photos taken from Parc du Champ de Mars 

 If you look real close you will see somebody riding on the outside of the car that is heading up the Eiffel Tower

 Notre Dame just a couple of days after the fire

 One of the Passages in the Madeleine neighborhood in the 8th Arrondissement decorated with suspended umbrellas

On this trip to Paris and the other locations we went to, I tried to locate some street art

A really cool little cafe/bar around Butte aux Cailles where Veronica and I stopped to get something to drink while we were out and about searching for street art

 A large work of art at the Parc de Choisy

 Flowers on Rue Cler

 Below are more photos of Rue Cler

 Taking the metro and heading to the Belleville neighborhood in Paris in search of street art
 Belleville is the ultimate as far as being a "melting pot" of people and cultures 
 Views and street art in the Belleville neighborhood

Views of Notre Dame as seen from the left bank of the Seine

 The Shakespeare & Company Bookstore

Due to the fire at Notre Dame and the immediate area surround Notre Dame being closed off to the public, the streets were very crowded. There were still quite a number of new crews from around the world in the area still reporting on the fire. We heard about the fire as we were sitting at the airport awaiting a flight to come to Paris and we several new crews with all of the camera/video equipment accumulating all of their gear as it showed up at the baggage carousal. 

The Medici Fountain at the Jardin du Luxembourg 

Street art on Rue Veron in the Montemarte area...the 18th Arr.

Montmarte area in the 18th Arr. On Rue des Abbesses

 The structure shown below is at 29 Avenue Rapp and is considered one of the most richly detailed Art Nouveau structures in Paris. The building was built in 1901 and depicts a lush Garden of Eden.

This ends the photos that were taken while we were staying in Paris in 4/2019
Next up will be our train trip to Nantes, France.

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