Finally Feeling Better

After almost 2 weeks of dealing with some type of flu bug, I am finally feeling better.
Yesterday I started to get back into my workouts.
We were gone for most of last week. We went to Herndon for Veronica's work. While up there, we stopped by the Ikea store and bought some new furniture for Veronica's new and improved studio. We spent one full day putting the furniture together. Veronica spent 2 days straightening out her studio with the new furniture pieces in place.
Next time we go up to the Herndon area, we will stop by Ikea and pick up several more pieces of furniture.
I figure that it will take 2-3 more Ikea visits until she has everything that she needs for new studio furniture.
A couple of days ago we went ahead and purchased our plane tickets for our upcoming October flight into Venice and returning home from Rome. These flights are in conjunction with our 2 week NCL cruise.
I have been tracking the prices for these flights and took a chance of getting the tickets now rather than waiting to see if the prices went down. Since purchasing the tickets, the prices have actually gone up a bit.
We will be flying on Delta Airlines for this trip. Delta had good departure and arrival times both in Venice and upon our return home via Norfolk Airport.
We used our Delta Skymiles credit card because Delta doubles the rewards miles for each ticket purchased with our American Express Gold Delta Skymiles card.
We actually used a portion of our previously saved up rewards miles for our upcoming flights into Minneapolis, for our fishing trip to Eagle Lake in Ontario Canada.
By using some of our rewards miles, we only had to pay $15 for both of our plane tickets. Right now we still have enough rewards points accrued for another inexpensive domestic flight.
With the purchase of our plane tickets, I was able to provide NCL with our return home flight information so that I could get our transfer vouchers from where the NCL Jade will be docking in Rome to the airport where Veronica and I will be returning home from.
We also decided to splurge a little bit for seat upgrades on both of the long international portions of our flights.
With those upgrades come larger seats with more leg room and seats that actually recline a lot more than the regular seats.
This seat upgrade should allow us to relax more and be more comfortable while sitting and sleeping on our international flights.
We should land being more relaxed and well rested due to this seat upgrade.
I also ordered our individual soda passes for the entirety of our cruise.
I still need to contact  our pre-cruise hotel in Venice and arrange a private gondola ride with a singing gondolier. I figured that we will splurge for this experience and keep it private rather than sharing the gondola with other couples or families. We will only be doing this once in our lifetimes and decided to splurge a bit.
The only thing left for this cruise is for Veronica and I to browse through the many excursions that are being offered in each port of call to see if there are any we want to take.
Everything for this vacation is coming together and it won't be long until all plans have been made and completed.
Then it will be only a matter of time waiting for our departure date to arrive. Only 222 days until we finally hear those exciting words....BON VOYAGE!
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