General Update

It has been a while since my last blog entry. Today I started my new round of RFA (radio frequency ablations). I started on my right side since that is the side that gives me the most pain. The next procedure will be for my left side and that procedure is scheduled for the 1st week in December.
These procedures should allow me to live my life with diminished pain until I can re-schedule to have my in depth back surgery, hopefully in March. I have to wait until after the 1st of the new year to schedule it. The surgeons office does not schedule this far in advance.
This round of procedures will also cover me while Veronica and I are on our next adventure...Rome, Italy this upcoming February.
My surgery will hopefully be done shortly after we return from our Rome adventure.
Since I will be recuperating from my surgery during most of the Spring season I have got all of my pots on the deck filled with potting soil and mulch. Trying to do everything possible to make it as easy as I can for myself so that I can actually have a garden next year, even after my surgery. I also fenced in the garden area that last year had those huge tomato plants in it...the tomatoes that I  used to make sauce for the Winter season.
I laid out some heavy duty but breathable landscape tarp on the ground, staked the tarp down and then put up some fencing like I did with my original garden. I plan on expanding my corn crop so that I wont feel the need to cram as many rows into a small space and crowd the corn too much. With this setup I will have more than enough room for a really nice amount of corn.
I don't think that I will grow many tomatoes if I grow any at all.
I am thinking about keeping it simple this year and focus on corn and sweet peppers on the back deck, that has 15 large pots out there.
The only other thing I might grow would be some Yukon Gold potatoes that Veronica likes.
This upcoming Spring i am also going to try my hand at starting all of the pepper plants indoors from seeds and hopefully this will keep down any disease issues. I might even try planting some corn indoors and transplant them outside when the time comes but it might be a little too taxing on my back doing it that way when i can just put the seeds in a hole outside in the fenced in garden. I will have to wait and see how I feel. The timing of my surgery will most likely dictate what i can actually do.
Another reason for getting my surgery completed as soon as I can after returning from our Rome trip is that I want to give my body plenty of time to heal and for me to get used to whatever limitations that i might have as far as my flexibility and movement well in advance of our biggest adventure ever, that we have planned in September - October of this upcoming year. More about that in the future. I just want to be fully healed and able to do almost all of the things that I want to be able to do during that adventure.
Since I can't do any more weightlifting, even after the surgery, I have decided to donate all of my lifting equipment and weights to the Salvation Army.
Walking out to the garage and seeing all of the equipment that I used on a daily basis for years and years just wasn't doing me any good so it is best to get it out of the garage. I sure do miss those workouts though.
The Salvation Army will come tomorrow to pick everything up.
At least I will have lots more room in the garage which is where I plan on re-doing a few pieces of furniture over the Winter months. I had to find something else to do to compensate for my lack of being able to do my workouts, so furniture restoration and some artwork during the Winter will have to do.
Have i mentioned that I have missed and will continue to miss my
I will started one furniture project sometime after tomorrow when the garage is cleared out.
Tomorrow will be the official beginning of a new segment of my life.

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