Bits And Bytes Are Now Flowing Through The Internet Pipeline Again

Guess what??? I am back on line as of a few minutes ago. Verizon expedited my my internet connection being hooked up again. Today's telephone call....yes just one of them...was vastly different from what I went through on Monday...quite a pleasant surprise. So 4.5 hours playing telephone hockey, getting smacked from one person to another like a hockey puck....a 1/2 hour call today along with being without internet service since Monday has garnered me the following:
1) free internet use through 3/ charge
2)an additional 3 months of free internet charge
3)an overall drop of $20 a month using my new phone and internet bundled package
4)last but not least, a $100.00 pre-paid bank card after 31 days of internet service
Not a bad pirates booty at all. Strike up one big win for the lowly consumer!!!

Internet Is Still Out

Hi everyone. Both Veronica and I are still that a real word??? Well it is now. We have been popping in once in a while, using my Dads computer. We will do this until Verizon decides to make us internetfull. I hope that it is soon. I am going through withdrawals here. I have that ole internet monkey on my back and it won't get off. Be back soon...I hope.
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