Even More Photos From Our Stay At The Gaylord Palms Resort

This photo is my favorite out of all that I took. The one below it is in second place.

Another photo of the topiary table and chairs

I found this alligator head displayed and for sale in one of the stores in the atrium area. The price tag had $89.99 on it.
I am not sure what kind of wood this is but I thought that it looked really cool.

Here is another piece of that same type of wood as the photo above. This piece has what I believe to be different style of what they call "air plants" placed in different nooks and crannies on this piece of wood.

One of many waterfalls that they had in the atrium area of this resort

An alligator sunning itself near one of the ponds

Turtles and alligators snuggled up together on an island in the middle of one of the ponds.
Below are a couple of more photos of various waterfalls that were scattered throughout the atrium area.

Another one of my favorite alligator photos.

You got that right!!!!

Below are several photos taken using what they call the "Hand Held Twilight" setting. They describe it as shooting a low light scene with noise reduction and using no tripod. Only existing light is used..no flash. Kind of a different look than what it would have been like using the flash. I just wanted to experiment with some of the settings on the camera to see how the photos would turn out.

I believe this is a Rat Snake if I remember correctly. It was in the small reptile House that I had a photo of in an earlier blog entry. I also got a really good video of this guy moving around quite a bit and taking a fall from the top inside corner of his "house". That video will be upcoming in the next blog entry as will other videos of our resort visit.

This little fellow is a baby alligator. They are also known as Grunts. I used a couple of different camera settings to see how each would turn out. This guy looked like he was hung over from too long of a night out with his older and much bigger siblings.

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