Last Day Of Our Vacation

Today is the last day of our vacation. We were thinking about going to Dollywood today but decided not to. Instead we went out for breakfast this morning and came back to our cabin. Veronica relaxed and spent the day working on her art work.
I spent the day finishing preparing the photos and videos and uploading everything onto this blog. I took a few breaks and jumped into the hot tub a couple of times.
We went out for dinner and upon returning to our cabin I took several photos of the 2014 Pigeon Forge  Spring Rod Run. The main roads have been and continue to get packed with traffic as many vehicles have come into town for the Rod Run. Show cars are lined up on both sides of the highway. It really is amazing how large this Rod Run is.
I also took several assorted photos on the way back to the cabin.

This was part of the Christmas Place store

I apologize in advance fore the quality of some of the Rod Run photos...had some issues with the camera

This is one of those bungee chair rides...these folks were bouncing all over the place

Some sights from our travels in the area

This is a farm and animals get fed  in this area

I have never seen this before but it actually looks cool and it is up for rent. I wonder what room the trailer portion is

This was a ride that looked like it would be a lot of fun. It is an Alpine Coaster. You ride in this cart and get taken to the top of the "mountain" and then you get released. It looked like it had just opened up for business.

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