Heading To The Shop

For the past several months I have been having a problem with my fairly new HP Envy computer.
It all started a couple of months ago when I took my fairly new laptop with us when we went out of town. I was going to use my computer to do some work on this blog and to add several updated entries about our most recent cruise vacation.
After arriving at the hotel, I tried to get my computer to start up. Over the course of our 3 day stay at the hotel, all of my attempts to get my computer running were to no avail.
Of course as soon as I got home and had everything plugged in and hooked up, my computer started on the very first try.
While still at the hotel, I had contacted HP and had set up for them to ship me a prepaid shipping box so that I could send my computer back at no cost to myself.
Since my computer started up as soon as I returned home, I had decided not to send it in...big mistake. After about a month, my computer starting acting up off and on.
Because the computer was still acting up off and on, along with the fact that it was still under warranty, I called HP and got another box sent to me so that I could send the computer in for repair.
The shipping materials should be here tomorrow at which time I will pack this computer up and send it off so that HP can fix the issue.
We have a spare computer in the house here so I will be using that until I get this one back again.
hopefully it won't be gone long but however long it takes to get the issues fixed properly, I am more than willing to wait.
This is my first laptop and the best computer I have ever owned. It is a shame that I am having issues with it so early since I purchased it.
On the flip side...I am happy that if the computer was and is having issues, that the issues began while it is still under warranty thus costing me absolutely nothing to get it shipped out and repaired.
While the computer is gone, Veronica and I will be taking a road trip to Williamsburg, VA where we will be taking in the holiday lights and sites at Historic Williamsburg, along with doing some Christmas gift shopping at a couple of the large Outlet Malls that are in the area.
We will be staying overnight, which will afford us a nice little getaway.
I am sure that I will run into many photo opportunities while we are in the Williamsburg area and as usual, the photos will be posted here for all to see.
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