What A Difference 2 Weeks Make

Approximately 2 weeks ago I went to our bank and obtained currency for our upcoming cruise.
I got Euros and currency for 4 other individual countries.
Last night Veronica wanted to check out the rates of the currencies that she had.
As it turns out, in the 2 weeks since the currencies were purchased using US funds, the US dollar has dropped in all of those countries.
Veronica figured out that it would cost $80 USD more to obtain the same amount of foreign currency that she currently has, compared to what it cost when originally purchased.
Probably a good thing we got the currency when we did.
The only way that we would actually lose anything is if we have money left over from our trip and we take it to the bank and convert it back into USD.
Of course by then, the USD might have rebounded a bit and our loss would be minimal.
With the way our economy is heading, I wouldn't anticipate any type of rebound.
Of course anything can happen in the 11 days leading up to our departure.
But then again...if we spend all of the foreign currency buying all kind of goodies, it won't matter what the currency conversion rate is.
Hmmmm...now that just might be the ticket!!!!
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