1000 MPH Supersonic Car - Bloodhound(SSC)

I just found this article about a 1,000mph supersonic car called the Bloodhound(SSC).
I found the article on Yahoo Buzz and it is written by a Mike Krumboltz.
Below is a video depicting an animated representation of this vehicle.
The Bloodhound has a grand total of 135,000 horsepower, which is equal to 180 times the power of a formula one car.
As soon as the Bloodhound is fully assembled (hopefully by late 2011 or early 2012), the team will attempt to sniff out a new world land speed record. The current record belongs to the Thrust SuperSonic Car, which hit 763 mph back in 1997.
I am not sure how anyone could control a vehicle moving that fast. You would think that it would need a really wide wheelbase just to keep the vehicle under control. I guess that is why these folks get paid the big bucks.
The more I think about it, the more questions I come up with...
How much fuel does it take to get up to 1,000 mph?
How long does it take to achieve that type of speed?
Even bigger question....how do you stop this speeding bullet? I am pretty sure that it does not a conventional break system. Does it have a parachute that pops out when it does finally slow down?
Does it eventually slow down when you turn the engines off? How long would it take to be completely stopped??....does the have anything to do with inertia????
Damn...I knew that I should have stayed awake during my Physics class!!!!
Here is a link to the full story.. Bloodhound Supersonic Car
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