Day 2 Of Our Las Vegas Adventure

This morning we got up and went out in search of some breakfast. Veronica was able to find numerous Starbucks located all over the Vegas strip and I was able to get my coffee at McDs in the food court. This became our routine for the morning. Veronica would get her coffer at Starbucks and I would get an almond bear claw. Then we would go to McDonalds where I would get my coffee and Veronica would get a sausage biscuit.
After breakfast we hit the streets and made our way through each hotel.

Here are some photos from the Bellagio. They had it decorated for the Chinese New Year

They had a really cool art exhibition outside of the Cirque du Soleil Theatre in the Bellagio. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to get as many photos as I wanted. Not sure why I was shut down on taking the photos but unfortunately I was. I was politely told that I could only take a couple.

Here is a real nice pastry/chocolate shop....Jean Philippe Maury...Award Winning and Executive Pastry Chef. This place was always busy. The woman in the dress below is made all of chocolate.

Below is the Worlds Largest Chocolate Fountain and they have they have the GuinnessWorld Record documentation to prove it.

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