Getting Close Now

Our moving date is rapidly approaching. Although it is not fixed in stone, it should be during the first week of March.
I have about 95% of everything done in preparation for the movers to come in and box everything up.
The last big chore was taking care of our bedroom. I had not cleaned in there for months is not high on my enjoyment list.
I had to break down all of the electronics in there and then came the big job.
I ended up moving all of the furniture out away from the wall and then I had to clean all of the built up dust that had accumulated over the last 8 years.
8 years of built up dust seems to have equaled one good Virginia Beach snow storm. It was so bad that I had to wear a mask.
So I wiped everything down and vacuumed all of the carpet under the furniture, cleaned all of the baseboards and then waxed all of the furniture.
I divided this dirty job over a 2 day time period.
Now with everything off of the walls, I am kind of digging the minimalist look that is our bedroom at this time.
Other than a few small things, I am done prepping for the movers.
The next big thing is that often mentioned list that I need to take care of.
The list is of everyone that I need to contact to either start new service at our new location, stop service at our current location or those I need to notify of our new address and telephone number.
I will start doing that list next week.
Other than that, not much going on.
We are in the midst of another snow storm. It was raining yesterday and last night but changed over to snow this morning.
It was coming done pretty good and with the winds howling, snow was flying everywhere. They are talking about wind gusts up to 50mph.
Veronica had to go to Boston for some training.
She left Monday and I am not sure when she will make it back. As of last nights telephone conversation with her, she was notified that she would not be returning home today as planned.
I guess that Logan had closed down/her flight was cancelled with advanced notice because of the snow storm that has been traveling Northbound.
Hopefully she will be able to come home soon...I miss her.
It really is hard to believe how much snow we have had this winter season.
most years we might see a dusting if that much.
Mother nature is really giving Veronica and I the royal treatment and send off as we prepare to start our next adventure on the Outer Banks.
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