Another Craft Room Project Finished

Today I spent most of the day going to Home Depot to get some supplies and then coming home and re-purposing a couple of upright stands that Veronica was using for storage of rubber stamps and other craft related items.
I converted the upright units into rolled ribbon storage units.
We applied gift wrapping paper to the back of these units along with gluing sections of molding to the front of each shelf and then using red liner tape to affix plastic strips just above the molding to form a sort of feeder bar where Veronica could slide the loose end of each roll of ribbon through a space that was between the molding and plastic feeder bar. This set up allows Veronica to pull whatever amount of ribbon that she needs without the ribbon unrolling all over the place and it also keeps the ribbon from coiling off of the ribbon spool.
Below are some photos of the project:

Photos of just a few of the numerous storage areas where Veronica kept her rolls of ribbon

 Below is a photo of the gift wrapping paper that we applied to the back of the unit. You can also see the molding and plastic feeder bar that was placed just above the molding. Veronica can feed her ribbon between the plastic feeder bar and the molding 
The completed project is shown below

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